Firefly in a Jar

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Sound Stories

We work with actors to characterize stories, which are then set to an original musical score, often 

featuring guest musicians from Berlin’s famed scene. 

Each story is a labour of love. We carefully handle all elements of production.

Nick and Kati met in Berlin where they both live.

Kati is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. She is the lead-alto-player of the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and also plays guitar, clarinet, gaita and sings. She plays and composes for jazz, pop and comedy projects; and composes production music for film and television. She also animates music-videos and draws Comics as Kati Komic.

Nick writes novels and short stories. Check out his first novel Drown Them in the Sea, which won The Australian-Vogel literary award and the Sydney Morning Herald's Young Novelist of the Year Award. He has a new novel Me Gino and the Animals coming out soon.

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